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Create a facebook share button
A facebook share button is a great way to get your page posted on a users wall and be seen by all of their friends and friends of friends. Our script will build the necessary code for your link for you to add to your page(s).
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Create a facebook like button
A facebook like button allows users of facebook to like your page. The fact that they have liked your page is displayed in their wall. Like buttons can be a variety of types. With or
without faces, with or without counts, light or dark schemes, like or recommend as the prompt. Our script will allow you to build the like or recommend button that best suits your needs.
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Create a facebook Activity Box
A facebook activity box can be included on your pages and will show details of who has shared, recommended and liked pages on your site recently.
The faces are clickable and will take you to the individuals facebook page, and the links they shared, when clicked will take the visitor to your page that they liked.
All pages that use your top level domain in the activity box will be included here. Eg: If you had a like button on your about page (, and another on your gallery page ( and someone had clicked them, if the activity box was linked to  the likes on the about and gallery pages will appear here (if they are latest activities).  The Activity Box is like a recent summary of all activity on your domain not just a specific page.
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